I'm a journalist who covers Orlando's biggest theme park companies - Disney, Universal and SeaWorld.

I write A1 and business page stories, promote them on social media, and talk about them on TV, radio and podcasts.

I cover breaking news about the latest theme park developments. But I also aim to bring readers in-depth stories they won't find in other papers or on TV.  I've written about foreclosures at Disney timeshares, the inner workings of Disney-controlled cities, the abuse of "scareactors" at Universal Orlando, and questionable operations at a now-demolished racetrack on Disney property that authorities say led to the death of a driver.

My work has appeared in publications including the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune. The Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post have all followed stories I broke.

Before I started hanging out in theme parks for a living, I covered another industry that specialized in fun: Restaurants. I wrote about Orlando-based chains including Olive Garden and Red Lobster.
I also covered Daytona International Speedway, and I wrote about government for several years.

This website features some of my latest stories and video appearances.



Sandra Pedicini